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Cleveland native. Artist in my own rite. Severe "that's what she said" habit, and an affinity for twizzlers. Will not intentionally kill insects. Enjoy old television such as Donna Reed, Dick Van Dyke, and Taxi. Romanticism with Audrey Hepburn. If you store your syrup in the refrigerator and do not live in the South, I believe you are absurd. You can disgust me by spitting regularly or not washing your hands. Slight OCD tendencies. Please do not leave water running. There are many people and places that go through tedious work just for their water. Writer. Mostly enjoy it. Write best in ritual, discomfort, and chaos. Often abstract in my views and expressions. "Abstract" being a euphemism for crazy. Madman. Observer. Enjoy brilliant poetry. Music hound. Love art and the way it exists in every part of our lives. Have a bucket list. Do not litter. Spoken word. Saul Williams. Black Stacy. Meditation. How much I cuss depends on my day. Spiritual beliefs and practices. No religion. Genesis 32:28. Phil Collins. Against all odds. Some college. Mostly self educated. Probably misguided. Friedrich Nietszche. Drug free. Awesome quotes. Bananas. High intensity cardio. Harry Potter. Freedom. Jessica Alba. Punk rock. Sex. Dubstep. Not a big porn guy. Not against it either. Star Wars. Sean Penn in Haiti. Ralph Nader. Eddie Vedder. Darth Vader. Names that end in "R". Spinning records. Sunsets. Not a good painter. I try. Reader. Herman Hesse. New fan of country. Sometimes confident. Sometimes on edge. Sometimes insecure. Sometimes lost in my head. I do not want green eggs and ham. I do not want them Sam I am. Dr. Seuss. Just because. Where the Sidewalk Ends. Santa Claus. Maybe means yes. Absinthe. Hunter S. Thompson. Gonzo. Things that make you crazy. Things that bring peace. Non-violence. The Tao Te Ching. Adult swim. Clean shoes. I find it extremely funny if someone sits on a chair and it breaks underneath them. Don't know when to shut up. Smile when I'm nervous. Laugh at the most inappropriate times. Not on purpose. Ancient aliens. Abrupt and meaningless endings.

Introduction Part 1

Don’t care to read? Click play to listen directly from Richland Correctional Institution. And after each post be sure to check out the song that I left you. I heard a statement once that said, “Hell is the absence of … Continue reading

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