A Favorite of Mine

It was a sunny afternoon – when the growth of spring shines through flowers bloomed – I was walking circles – kicking rocks like shooting stars towards the moon – And the night was of essence – my time that I looked beyond fences and the distance of the outlook of trees – Still without leaves I knew they were coming – I wasn’t going but I still had the dream – They consisted of long walks and talking in parks – freckles on angel’s faces and memories torn apart – certain ways of pinching skin – and scents of sleep no sense in him – why can’t I go a day without visions? – and everyday I pray through meditation still listen – send messages and despise first impressions – It’s the emotion of pain like rain fall – couldn’t push a smile so shameful – what do my actions illustrate in a simple mind, simple world like yours? – I am a picture of a deep lost forest – you a clear blue ocean with white sand shores – this may be the root of all sleepless nights – this what I speak has become my life – some may define therapeutic and others detrimental – my poisoned tears cry through black ink and led in #2 pencils – like it’s always been a test – and the ignorance of I – sleeping through classes – turning my back to God as a child during Byzantine Catholic masses – refusing to kiss icons like I didn’t have other false idols – landing in detoxes every hour taking temperatures and vitals – the signs were never clear to me – silence at grandmothers prayers chanting rosary – she will die before I can say my goodbyes – just like the amends to my friends that were lost to suicide – The ignorance of I



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