A Love Poem

If I could nod away for years, listening to your heart, I would.
With my ear under your breast, listening to the beat… I could sleep…
An eternity…

With a lazy flood of the moon, I could swim to your rescue.
If I could just feel your soft breath on me… I could sleep…
An eternity…

Holding your hand, walking through the garden. It’s 5a.m., the Earth has been crying.
The world is asleep. It’s just you and me. If I could just wake up, right next to you.
I could sleep again… for an eternity…

Riding waves in an ocean of bliss. The current takes us far; far away from this.
I float with you under stars, the night our satin pillow.
If I could hold you in my arms. If I could nod for years, listening to your heart.
I could finally sleep in peace. I could sleep…
An eternity…



One Response to A Love Poem

  1. I love this poem… your words pull yearning from my own heart…. still I wonder, is all that longing forgotten when what you have is in front of you? When you lie in bed next to this warm body always there for you and loving you even in sleep…. would you still appreciate the soft beat of her heart or the smell of her skin… or is it forgotten with time and complacence? When what you have is finally in front of you … do you appreciate it every second it is there… or do you forget it’s beauty because it’s finally yours. Is it only in the loss that we can finally see what is gone… the small details of love that mean the most. Then so quickly forgotten once back within our grasp…. Kind of like freedom… you want it so badly when you are there… something so out of reach that you can strive for and look forward to. Then finally that day comes… and no one tells you where to walk or how to act. Do you appreciate that freedom for all that it is or do you forget all the longing you had for it while confined?

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