Under a bright, luminous moon
Roams the primal spirits of the ancients.
Men and women, reflecting images;
With the innate, natural state of the wild.
Trading places.
Crazed faces, immersed in celebration.
Naked, they race to internal freedom;
Through meditative, wild dance and song.
Ceremonies of sexual impulses,
Orgies, peeks of strangulation;
And moist, pleasure-filled acceptance of self-mutilation.
Becoming one,
With a state of being.
The essence of conciousness;
The freedom from illusion
Of what they’ve been seeing.
Like small children with purehearted smiles
Caressing each other’s soul
Loving another in all the while,
Is the substance that makes them whole.
We remain, just passerbyes,
to the esoteric incarnation.
Watching spirits fall from grace
to their natural state;
and transform,
to universal imitation.