I Must Go

The minute you wanna stay,
You gotta go.
Coffee stained
No one has to know
I’m just a fake
broken glass in my songs
Nothing more than a man
nothing right in my wrongs.

I only turned left
because I know it was right
Kept on going
toward the turnpike
Far away from this place
we once called home.
Entertaining the thought
we once left alone

Approached the bridge
to the other side
Know if I turn around
that I may die
There are no more places to go
no more places to hide
this has been our lives
of suicide.

If I ask you to join
would you break my heart
Picture us together
to tear us apart
We painted a future
we painted our dreams
You once were my angel
until you lost your wings.

Fate will treat you
the way it wants
It only keeps going
if you wanna stop
Life is a mystery
then we die
I think life missed me
I think I was right.