Mi Amore Elise

Now it’s only dreams
of stained fingertips
Cancer-filled nicotine,
like my hopes…

I used to know what love was
before I became cold
I used to know what young was
before I became old.

Memories fade, like the end of each day
into the darkness with the sunset
into hiding with the shade.

Small moments of smiles
of friends we no longer see
Only trapped in my senses
of how much they meant to me.

Drives through the country
pot smoke in the air.
I smell their souls around me
and when I wake, they’re no longer there
Repeated cassettes
Alanis Morrisette

We were all once so innocent
we all once gave our best
I could still see her freckles
the wind in her hair
I could still hear his voice
I wish he was still here.

The love.
The loss
The Pain…
Left me bare.
Nothing to feel