Rain Outside My Window

Dreamt of family and Pacific waves
Small children; sand beaches
The tides carried me away
Awoke, to see bricks
Then remembered I’m a slave.
Oliver Twists – and turns
Distant kids, at play.
The attempts to whistle freedom
Were futile, you could say
No one hears a hiss
Or a snake when it sways
No one hears my cries
Or my screams from these caves
No one says the sun
Has to spring in May.

But the law of the land
Says the crime must pay
And the blood of the lamb
Sheds rhymes on serenades
Singing sweet hymns
And poetic prayers, it prays
Lullabies to comfort
Troops marching; parades
As soldiers write lovers
As killers blow grenades
As prisoners miss mothers
And regrets bring shame
The blood of any fighter
Sheds heartache and pain
No one says the sun
Has to spring in May.

And the forecast says rain
Should be storming any day
And the poor mass of believers
Should be swarming in faith
But that’s just scripture
Who knows what’s man-made
Just expect a visitor
A long time to await
Call a sin, a sinner
Mark a brand of Cain
But, no one said the sun
Has to spring in May.

No one said a week
Can’t have a bad day
No one said a smile
Can’t have a sad face
And, someone said a sheep
Could lead it’s flock to safe
But, no one said the wolf
Could be hiding in the shade.
Is there only black and white
Is there ever any grey?
Is there really purgatory
Or do their souls just fade?
If I dream of cemeteries
Does it mean I’m soon to pay?
Or is this sanctuary
My catacombs of pain?
No one said it’s fair
Our loss and what’s at stake
No one said it’s easy
And no one said we’re sane
But if I die before I wake
Inscribe on my grave:
Sometimes nightmares;
Sometimes dreams.
No one said the sun
Has to spring in May.



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