The Paris Entry

I found a friend an ocean away
I can hear thoughts; like obedient whispers
From the pagodas of the ancient east
To the Irish Catholic lands

Still we site like slaves
In metal apparatus
3:00am fire-drills for empowerment

The wanton desired criminals seek
For distance and freedom from protest
For wide-used women
They call it “cock”; they call it “fat”
In their ignorance and penury

Gather together, mother’s of lament and mourn
Speak of your sons and daughters
Like it was yesterday; not tomorrow

Tell them what you saw; what you came for
What did you remember when looking in my eyes?
Tell them about the smiles and laughs

You consider it,
Definitive betrayal

Do not my friends
Underestimate the passioned flower
The coerce opiate, and elusive
Like the grim death, to collect its debt in the night
Its poison milk rains upon us all

Remember me, not for what I do
But for what I say
Man of word

What feeds your thrills?
Just like you fall from the sky; with white smiles
Or greed, drinking spirits into your nudity
Death is my eternal opiate
When I failed at; or to understand

I fell into a nod
The nod of eternal darkness

Mother, please wipe your tears
You are strong
For this long, you kept me alive
I am the branded, and what you suppress
I am murder, I am evil, and I am lies

People, sleep with folded hands
For you ought to be afraid
When the shadows of fire encompass you
When the darkness keeps you awake

Just think what they thought
Mystics and ages ago; mystics and ages away
The planet had no circumference
Each star mysterious

Who created your beliefs?
Back when storms were angry
The astrological moon created lunatics
Man labeled gods
Out of fear of the unknown

The forbidden fruit is my flower
Eat and bellow at “the tree”
Your religions are impostures
Like mimes in a giant carnival
Free yourself; FREE

Tell them comrades and friends
Tell them about me
In my selfish mission for truth
Within my coward eyes and hostility

Within these wild dreams of publications
And bard works of
Biblical suicide
I would like to say I love you

I mean no impure inflictions on others
If you choose to look beneath
The black and blue ink; reaps,
Genuine truth and sincerity
My collection of words

My only family

Yes, my friends, I am crying
From the stone sculptures and painted canvas


You, who never came to my rescue
Who pinched my skin and slept with me for an eternity:
Thank you; my inspiration

You, 3,000 miles away:
You’re a million times better than you believe

You, an ocean away:
Supported me like gentle hands afloat

You, with the green eyes and virgin innocence:
Made for so much more [than I]
Your benevolence would fade
Smiles turn to sighs

Lastly, you, who is always right:
Apologies for your pain
“just wasn’t the type to fight”

Breathe this forever like the invisible air around you
The spiritual presence lies within…

My fate is predetermined by feeling
Prophesized by heart; true knowledge of self
You all call me mad
See me as a madman under the moon
Smoking your incorrect views
I’m passing the pipe of despair
I’m passing it to you



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